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Projects 2014-2017

Doctoral Candidates (2014-2017) Below is an overview of doctoral candidates, research projects and supervisors in FONASO

Name Liudmila Osipova (Russia)
Project title Assessing structural and functional landscape connectivity for multi-species corridor design
Principal supervisor Niko Balkenhol, University of Göttingen, Germany
Co-supervisor Julia Jones/Matt Hayward, Bangor University, Wales
Name Andes Hamuraby Rozak (Indonesia)
Project title Are large trees key elements of carbon storage and fluxes after selective logging in tropical rainforests? 
Principal supervisor Plinio Sist, AgroParisTech, Montpellier, France
Co-supervisor Jørgen Bo Larsen/Karsten Raulund-Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Name Fitalew Agimass Taye (Ethiopia)
Project title Modelling forest recreation – does choice set composition matter?
Principal supervisor Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Co-supervisor James Gibbons, Bangor University, Wales
Name Marijana Vukotic (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Project titl Whose knowledge counts? How different forms of knowledge are used in power struggles over forest resources 
Principal supervisor Jens Friis Lund, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Co-supervisor Julia PG Jones, Bangor University, Wales
Name Rijan Tamrakar (Nepal)
Project title Effects of climatic extremes on carbon and water cycle in various land-use types
Principal supervisor Alexander Knohl, University of Göttingen, Germany
Co-supervisor Mark Rayment, Bangor University, Wales
Name Anna Gunina (Russia)
Project title Understanding the role of root, mycorrhizal and microbial turnover in forest ecosystems
Principal supervisor Davey Jones, Bangor University, Wales
Co-supervisor Yakov Kuzyakov, University of Göttingen, germany
Name Kata Wagner (Germany)
Project title Does beekeeping alleviate poverty? Productive conservation in less-developed countries 
Project title Paul Cross, Bangor University, Wales
Project title Henrik Meilby, University of Copenhagen, Denmark