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University of Copenhagen

LIFE main buildingFounded in 1479, the University of Copenhagen is the oldest and largest institution for research and higher education in Denmark with more than 41,000 students and 2.000 PhD students enrolled. The university is divided into six faculties, including the Faculty of Science (SCIENCE). Science is Denmark's largest science research and education institution with 9,000 BSc and MSc students, 1000 PhD students and 3,400 employees.

SCIENCE covers the entire supply chain leading from primary production to consumption. The main fields of education are: Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Science, Agricultural Economics, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Development Studies, Food and Nutrition, Forestry and Environmental Sciences. LIFE has 12 departments and 900 teaching staff. 

LIFE faculty areaScience is located in the buzzing heart of the capital city, Copenhagen, with easy access to the rich cultural life, museums, theatres, restaurants and cafés.

Frederiksberg Campus is one of the oldest and most attractive campuses in Denmark known for its strong student engagement and superior study environment.

Science also comprises four experimental farms, a Pometum and an Aboretum, thus linking theoretical studies with practical research.