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What is FONASO?

Joint Doctoral Programme
Forest and Nature for Society (FONASO) is a three-year world-class Joint Doctoral Programme offered by a consortium of seven European partner institutions. All FONASO doctoral candidates will study with two of the partner institutions and will be awarded a joint/double degree. They will, furthermore, have access to research periods with and co-supervision from the 13 associate partners.

PhD Topics
In connection with the annual call for applications, the FONASO programme publishes a catalogue of FONASO PhD research topics from which you must choose your research topic. 

Common foundation
The FONASO programme has defined a common foundation which all doctoral candidates must build on regardless of research topic and institutions.

  • Study periods with a least two FONASO partner institutions
  • Co-tutelle (see below)
  • Two joint doctoral courses: Theory of Science and The Art of Scientific Writing 
  • Attendance at the Annual FONASO Conference to present the project to an audience of supervisors and non-FONASO doctoral candidates and scholars at the organising Partner Institution
  • Engage in limited teaching activities in relation to the thesis subject

Applied research
In FONASO, the emphasis is on applied research. Doctoral candidates will therefore typically do fieldwork (in a wide sense) and it is encouraged, starting already in the project formulation phase, that fieldwork be conducted in connection with stays at Associate Partners, who may contribute with hosting and co-supervision functions.

Supervisory Committee
For each doctoral student a Supervisory Committee is appointed, consisting of two experienced academics, one from each of the relevant Consortium Partners. The Supervisory Committee will continuously monitor and advice on study progress and issues.

Each doctoral candidate receives academic coaching and counselling from two supervisors from two partner institutions as well as from the Supervisory Committee. FONASO Standardised Supervision Guidelines assist in making expectations to doctoral candidates and supervisors explicit.